Thursday, September 27, 2007
  HIJADA FEST: DAY 'n' NIGHT photographs by AJILAL part III
a day of celebrations, of proclamation of self, of life...

The hijra community is deprived of several rights under civil law because Indian law recognises only two sexes. This means that hijras do not have the right to vote, marry and own a ration card, a passport or a driving licence, or claim employment and health benefits.

“Hijras trace their origins to myths in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Rama, while leaving for the forest upon being banished from the kingdom for 14 years, turns around to his followers and asks all the `men and women' to return to the city. Among his followers the hijras alone do not feel bound by this direction and decide to stay with him. Impressed with their devotion, Rama sanctions them the power to confer blessings on people on auspicious occasions like childbirth and marriage, and also at inaugural functions. This set the stage for the custom of badhai in which hijras sing, dance and confer blessings.”(frontline wrote)
The situation is no different in the present state of things. The Rulers and the society are still unaware of the very existence of these transgender communities with in the citizenry. Even the high-sounding discourses on Human rights often overlook these Humans because they are occupied with the larger issues of MEN and WOMEN.
But they are no longer the deprived community of the voiceless. They have started showing their signs of awakening. They have started to realize their life and their right to live, and to live decently. Their fight is yet to be visible though.


photographs by : VC AJILAL
click on the fotos to view bigger n better: pls let us know ur comments:

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Very touching indeed.You have gone out of the way to show the people who are condemned to the very fringes of society living out their life as a punishment.Good to know that they are making an effort to gain their rights in the right way.
cs venkiteswaran
dear ajilal

those koovagam photographs were brilliant!

pls do write in detail about the festival in malayalam too


cs venkiteswaran

hi ajilal
i have seen the collection of ur photographs which is posted in
eenthappana blogspot.
fantastic pics are there. the hijada fest mysore dasara, mitayitheru
fire.. ......

then how are you doing? where are you now working at? still in varthamanam?
i couldnt read the malayalam in blogspot. becaus my system dont have
malayalam fonts.
ranjith ha send me the blog id. any way congratulations oncemore...

keep in touch

all the best

deputy art director ( publishing/films)
bates pan gulf/Adinc
We would like to know more detail descriptions about Hijadas will u please explain this
The details regarding the Hijada fest is very informative.Please kindly describe more about lady-boy also.

Dear Friend Ur phoographs....R very Nice..
Iam madhu 32 from Bangalore..Iam very much instred in Hijad's life pl..any details Near Karanataka..In bangalore.Please send details.
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